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I got an email from Martin Newman (Plumerai/Goddaakk) about if I was still doing Nostalgia Equals Distortion & Finally Checking It Out as there haven’t been posts on either of them in quite a while.  The answer is yes & I hope to start putting more content on them again soon.  I just made it so that new entries will automatically post into Twitter in hopes of it getting back on track with people other than me (& Martin) posting things there.  It’s pretty hard to keep a blog going when you can’t tell if anyone cares about you doing it or not.

I’ve been breaking guitar strings a lot lately.  Four in the past six weeks & probably about six in the past three years since I switched to teflon saddles.  On inspection I think it might be from my guitar pick which is kinda worn down & gnarled (I’ve managed to use this one for a few years without losing it).  So if anyone wants the guitar pick that was used on Remora recordings like Derivative, Ensoulment, Anti-Guitar Hero, & Scars Bring Hope let me know & I’ll mail it to you.

Spent a bunch of time yesterday trying to get paperwork done for Silber so I can get royalty checks out before the end of the year (I ended up missing getting the third quarter checks out because of thing with my grandmother) instead of at the beginning of next year.  This year is in the red for the first time in a long time so if I get the artist royalties out this year at least next year doesn’t start out with a deficit.

Tonight is the first practice for my new project Butterfly Corpse.  We’ll see how it ends up.  Hoping that it doesn’t end up in my long list of project ideas where things just never quite came to fruition (My Glass Beside Yours, Muscle Mass, Panthan, Jazzus Priest, The Call Of…).  I think in the end some of my projects I would like to revive & make happen even if I’m the only member & others I should just bring in their elements under the Remora banner.

Been thinking a bit about my plan for an even smaller than my standard sized mini-comics that will tentatively be called The Saddest Bastard (take off on the genre of semi-auto-biographical works where people are mainly complaining).  Thinking about having nearly identical images on each page that would more or less be talking head shots to emphasize the narcissistic aspect of that kind of book.

I came up with the idea of making some mini puzzle boxes to sell at art & comic shows as I think they might be better objects for people to buy as gifts than the comics as it seems like novel gifts are what people want to buy at events.

Here’s a mini-doc (16 minutes) about Rllrbll from The Instigators.  I really wish there were more people doing things like this about those in their local community.

& here’s another little doc from the same folks about experimental music in Portland.

Last Night’s Dreams:
I’m with my buddy Don driving home from the mountains & there’s flooding everywhere & I’m just trying to get home.  Constantly hydroplaning & occasionally bouncing off of guard rails, but always going forward.  It’s just a matter of time until the water’s too deep to even try to drive….

I’m hanging out with this girl & I notice she has something written on her hand.  I’m trying to figure out what it says without asking & I realize it’s one of my ex-girlfriend’s address & phone number.  What the fuck is that about?  Is she her property or something?

I have to call & cancel some plans with a friend because of taking care of my grandmother.  Then someone else calls & needs a ride from the airport & I’m their last resort emergency call so I get my grandmother & put her in the car & drive out to the airport.

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