Christmas, Puzzle Boxes, Dreams

Yesterday I spent the majority of the day  taking my niece & nephew to go Christmas shopping for their family.  I did it two years ago when my brother & his wife first split up & I got some bad mouthing about that it wasn’t my place & I shouldn’t have done it (& I wouldn’t have if either of the parents had).  Last year the kids didn’t get gifts for folks.  So I took them out again this year.  It’s funny because I really don’t get people Christmas gifts on my own because I just don’t like the idea of buying somebody something that they will just  throw away later & that seems like 90% of gifts (it’s also worth noting that I don’t like getting gifts myself for the reason that it’s pretty rare for someone to get me something I want as I don’t even know what I want), but I do want to pass along to my niece & nephew that Christmas is about them giving gifts instead of receiving them.

I also made these little wooden puzzle boxes I’m postulating trying to sell at shows.  People are suggesting $5 as a price point.  This batch cost me $3 a piece to make, so I’d need to find a way to lower that if I want $5 to be worth my time.  Of course I guess part of it is hopefully they come to buy the puzzle box & then I can up-sell some CDs & comics.puzzle boxesLast Night’s Dream:
I’m an old man walking with a cane.  One of those metal canes with four feet on the bottom.  My left hip feels like it could break at any time.

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