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I got a lot done today, or at least I feel like I did.

I got an email about doing a version of that song “For the Love of Money” for a potential film placement.  While I realize how whack & silly it would end up to bother to complete it in the way I was envisioning (I had in my mind to make it be something like Attrition), I did get to a certain point in it.  Probably working on it (& music in general) is why I feel like it was a good day.  Here is the track (more fully realized than when first posted on Twitter):

Finished off the first draft to Lost Kisses #22 (part two of the time travel arc).  I probably should be working on finishing more comics rather than writing new ones to draw, but that’s okay.

In other comic book news I worked on my Deadpool mini a little & called up Nick Marino (who is drawing it) about ironing out some of the details for making it slightly more canonical.  You tend to get some facts wrong when you have read 3-4 stories about a character who has appeared in 200 or so stories.

In yet more comic news, I got the artwork from Jason Young for my nephew’s new Star Wars mini-comic.

I wandered around the neighborhood tonight (tomorrow is recycle day) looking for brown non-twist-off beer bottles to use with the Silbeer industry.  I found 21.  Predominantly Sam Adams.  Very few beers actually seem to fit the parameters.  But 21 is my magic number as I theoretically have 256 ounces (2 gallons) of brew & 21 bottles is 252 ounces (I imagine I’ll lose 4 ounces the sludge that lives in the bottom of the brewing keg).  In related Silbeer news, I talked quite a bit with Joe Kendrick (WNCW) about home brewing as he used to do it quite a bit.  When I was talking to him about it, his scope goes way beyond mine right now.  He was brewing 200 beers at a time instead of my 21!  Even throwing parties & making Christmas gifts that sounds like a huge batch to me.  But he had some tips that I maybe implementing sooner rather than later.

I talked to my brother today who has similar sleeping problems to me & he said he bought some B12 vitamins & he feels a lot better after 2 days.  So I think I’ll get some tomorrow.

Last Night’s Dream:
I’m listening to j-pop song (presumably the theme song for a giant robot cartoon) & it has the lyrics:
She’s so beautiful & sweet
But she walks with bodies beneath her feet
Where will she go now?
Where will she go?

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3 Responses to Lost Kisses, Silbeer, Muscle Mass, Deadpool, B12, Dream

  1. Nick says:

    You should definitely use those lyrics in some way…

  2. GoddakkAttack says:

    haha, it’s like you’re an old chinese man. you should get a shopping cart to push around the neighborhood.