QRD is Up & Recording Leads to Inspiration

Finally a break through & visible work is done!  QRD #43 Twenty-one in-depth interviews about playing guitar with:
Jon DeRosa of Aarktica, Brian McKenzie of Electric Bird Noise, Invisible Elephant, Wim Lecluyse of Circle Bros, Nick Reinhart of Tera Melos, Matt Stevens of Fierce and the Dead, Dan Cohoon of Moral Crayfish & Empty Shapes, Clayton James Mick of Booze Brothers, John Trubee, Agata of Melt-Banana, Bones Denault of Shady Lady, Eric Hausmann, PD Wilder of Hotel Hotel, Ryan Wasterlain of Summer of Glaciers, Miguel Baptista Benedict, Jim Dennis of Random FX, Jon Attwood of Yellow6, Travis Kotler of Pineal Ventana, Brian Elyo of mobdividual, Joe Morgan of The Late Virginia Summers, & Bill Horist of Master Musicians of Bukkake.

I also did some recording for the thirty second comp.  I got four pieces done, which is all I originally envisioned doing (there’s a limit of two pieces per contributor, time for an alias to come back).  I have one harmonica drone, one vocal drone, & two witty acapella pieces.  I kinda want to do a couple guitar pieces as well & maybe an SLF drone & maybe an optical theremin thing.  So the question becomes what band names to use?  Small Life Form & Remora & do I use The Undermasks (vintage), Vestirse (even more vintage), Vlor, Muscle Mass, or Brian John Mitchell?

Just mentioning the name “The Undermasks” makes me want to get that project going again.  Or at least some version of it.  I’ve been talking with a friend of mine about trying to do some doom/sludge band.  So maybe….  Mentioning Muscle Mass makes me want to work on that again too.  & I just sent Brian McKenzie an email about my jazz-metal project (working title is Jazzus Priest, which is pretty awful so I might change it).

I’m kind of inspired by the thirty second thing.  I might try to do some kind of concept piece for Small Life Form where I record a whole bunch of short pieces with the idea that it works with how people listen to music these days with things on random play or alternatively I will design a special website where they can play the tracks so they loop over each other in dense funky interactions….

I got in my new mic (Sennheiser MD421U MKII).  My voice seems a little boomier here at home than it did in the studio (maybe the use of speakers instead of headphones or the interface I use with my computer).  I might start doing something where all my vocals are double mic’d with the Sennheiser & the Shure Beta 57.

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