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Got my tracks off for the thirty second compilation.  8 tracks all together from 5 different projects of mine.  I’m a nut sometimes.

Here’s my latest little cartoon video (just a few seconds long):

Got in some art for a couple of my comics today.  It’s going to help me get some juices flowing for writing more comics & help me to get going on writing to get my grant.

Last Night’s Dreams:
I’m staying at a hotel & in the next room a family of 18 checks in & is making a racket so I look out of my room.  They end up with some of them sleeping in the hallway.  I look down the hallway & it’s filled with people who couldn’t fit into rooms.  I don’t know what’s going on to cause the hotel to be so full.  The end of the world I imagine.  I just go back into my room & pretend everything is fine & start typing on my portable typewriter.

I’m standing on the deck of a beach house.  There are a bunch of garbage trucks filling themselves up with sand & going out into the sea dumping it out.  The ocean comes in & over takes the trucks & washes all the trucks out deep into the sea & starts lapping on the deck.  I dive into the ocean off the deck.  When my head comes up there is nothing but ocean.  No shore, no houses, no trucks.

I open the guitar case that has my guitar strung with wires in it.  The guitar isn’t in the case.  Instead it is a three string electric cello.  Where did this thing come from?  & should I keep it or try to track down the wire guitar & swap it back?

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