Deer Bug Dream

Not much work done today.

I keep getting paperwork in the mail from people saying they owe me money from licensing fees, but no checks.  Sounds like the future to me.

Got asked to do a radio special about Silber Records in France.  So it’s nice that someone still cares.

Last Night’s Dream:
I’m sitting in the shower exhausted & used up hoping the water will somehow clean & revive me.  A bug crawls out of the drain which is indicative of the kind of place I live in.  I hope the water will wash it back down, but I know from experience that it won’t go away until I kill it.  I’m about to mash it when I see that it isn’t a roach.  Its head isn’t right.  Its head looks like a deer complete with antlers.  I stare into the blackness of its right eye like I’m looking into outer space.  Somehow its eye will let me escape this life.

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