QRD is Up, Blog Splits, Update Help, Web Ratings

Okay, QRD #44 is up!  16 interviews with bass players like CJ Boyd & Nic Slaton.  This means I soon need to start working on issues #45-#48 which are all planned to a certain extent.

I’ve been thinking today about if I should split off the dream section of this blog into a blog of it’s own & keep this mainly about Silber business & just put in links when there are other posts elsewhere.  It’s a bit funny of course for me to end up running six blogs (Silber, Dreams, Nostalgia=Distortion, Finally Checking, & I’m thinking of two about fiction), but I think it would be cool to start to have that volume of content.  & then I’m doing more with cross promotion theoretically, as all the things advertise each other.  We’ll see what happens.

Anyone with some free time on the internet that wants to help me updating the Silber radio contacts, please give me a shout.

There’s a bunch of dreams I have notes on that I need to add here, not sure when I’ll get it done though.

I was looking at the Silber web rating numbers & I’ve dropped a lot recently.  Hopefully things will be popping back up shortly with the promotion campaigns for Thorn1, 30 Seconds of Time, QRD, & Nostalgia Equals Distortion under way.

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