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Nostalgia Equals Distortion now has six posts on it by four authors.  Feeling pretty good about that.  I’m wondering how to add links to it on the Silber page.  Should I have the blog portion have a drop down menu that has the Silber blog (what you’re reading now) & Nostalgia Equals Distortion or should I split “comics & zines” into “comics” & “webzines” & put QRD & N=D in a drop down there?  Please let me know your opinion….

I haven’t written much hear lately because I was involved with Peter Aldrich’s wedding.  I guess I’ve been to about a dozen weddings & I always feel pretty out of place & generally feel like it means, “I won’t be seeing this friend again” & that for some reason seems to often be true.  I guess the reason on that is no mystery as it is hard to manage the extra time to make art in the midst of an intense emotional relationship.  So I’m always hoping that somehow they find a way to balance things better than I clearly can.

I finished mastering the Thorn1 & Evgeny proofed it as good.  Just need to get the press release fixed up.

I’ve been listening to the next Remora disc a bit trying to get ready for the final mixing & I’m thinking about trying to do it with a bigger push than a lot of Silber releases.  Maybe send out 400 promos or something crazy like that.  I don’t know.  Is it really worth investing that much money & time into a release these days?

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One Response to N=D, Weddings, Thorn1, Remora

  1. Peter says:

    Thankfully you were proven somewhat wrong on this one! See you soon, guy!