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Had to do a couple little minor edits to QRD today.  Adding a photo, fixing a couple typos.  Got emails back from most of the participants saying they are spreading the word.  So it’s good they are all pleased.

I have a new ad up at Delusions of Adequacy.  It’s a banner prominent enough that you might think you are on the Silber site instead of DOA.  I think I might start cloning it around.

Doing some work on the recording of my 4.5 hour piece again.  It’s at a point where it is really becoming a pain to work on because I don’t know how to run a submix to play correctly in Cubase & I need to submix because otherwise I can’t do a full-length overdub.  So I’m doing overdubs to only hearing half of the piece.  Which may or may not be a good idea.  Maybe I’ll have it finished in a week.  It’s hard to set aside that huge of a block of time for recording & I have to be in the right mind set to get it to work.

Talked to Sarah June about the remix collection.  It’s tentatively titled “Beneath Black Robes.”  Still have to master up all the tracks & get the track order & the artwork & the press release done.  So it’ll be a couple more weeks.

Meanwhile on Thorn1 it’s just me holding things up.  I need to write/make the press release.  Which is something I’ve been having trouble doing lately.

I have a new phone because of my old one’s screen not working anymore.  No sim card on the old phone, so I lost some folks numbers & the demo ideas recorded in the memos.  I really should get a little memo recorder instead of a phone anyway.  Something with a little memory card I can just put into my computer.  Probably there’s some kind of MP3 player that does what I want for $20, but far be it from me to actually spend $20.  Anyway, programmed the numbers out of my old old phone into this one.  So anyone who ends up not getting called from me in a long time, here’s an idea, you call me.

The Much Promised Recent Dreams (including a long detailed one):
I’m working at a military base & I’m in charge of the food trays.  I need to make sure food is always ready for if the soldiers come in for lunch.  But I get the feeling they are never coming back again.

I have a broken cymbal & I’m trying to bend it to get it to sound good to me.  It’s bending way to easy, like an aluminum pan.  I don’t think this thing will ever sound good.

I’m eating cereal with my brother & his ex-wife & my nephew.  My nephew goes to get himself some more cereal & a beagle jumps up on to the table & starts drinking his milk.  I’m disgusted by it & about to throw the dog on the floor. His mother says, “That’s alright, this happens all the time.”  “I should take photos to show the state what kind of mother you are.”  “I’m a good mother, so good in fact that I’m going to start home-schooling.”  “Oh, God…”  My nephew comes back to the table & pours some more cereal into the milk the dog left.

My clock that’s always ten minutes fast is telling the write time.  How did it repair itself?  Or is this some kind of a message from a future me to the me of right now?

I’m on tour & living out of my car.  I’m in Los Angeles which is a city I’ve always hated.  It’s the last day of this tour leg & I’m supposed to be able to stay with a second cousin out here for two months while I get everything ready for the next tour.  The club I’m playing at is one of those multi-level jobs with a different bar on each floor.  One of the floors is a strip club; which creeps me out, but I do see as a brilliant business idea.  I play my gig in a room that isn’t as empty as it is apathetic.  My second cousin doesn’t seem to have shown up & my cell phone is broken (so I can’t call him), so I’m not sure what I’m supposed to do for the next two months.  A pretty girl who I assume is one of the strippers despite her lack of glitter & makeup starts talking to me at my merch table.  I’m thinking business must be really slow upstairs when I realize she was there for the whole set.  Then she asks me what mini-comics I have.  (I sold out a month ago, part of what I need to do on the two month break is print & assemble more.)  An actual fan.  I forgot I had those.  She asks me about going upstairs with her & I ask her to wait until I get my equipment in my car.  I load the car & she’s still waiting for me in the now empty bar.  She takes me by the hand & leads me upstairs into the strip club & into one of the private rooms (so I guess she’s a fan & a stripper?).  She starts taking my clothes off & her clothes off & I’m not sure what to do because on the one hand I don’t know this girl (I don’t even know her name, though I think she said it was Sarah), but on the other hand she is clearly & without a doubt (with no disrespect to my ex-girlfriends) the most beautiful girl who’s ever wanted to have sex with me.  Another girl walks in the room & Sarah grabs her clothes off the floor & rushes out.  The girl in the room has a metallic red wig & clearly enough glitter to be a stripper.  My nudity doesn’t make her feel awkward, but it certainly does me & I’m putting my clothes back on.  She says, “Brian, right?”  “Yeah.”  “Are you going to go after her or what?  Without you she’ll fall into addiction & infinite decay & probably get fat.”  “How do I have that responsibility?”  She rolls her eyes, “She’s on the bus out back.”  I go outside & there’s a tour bus like the ones bands on major labels have.  I knock on the door & Sarah opens it automatically from the driver’s seat.  “Can I come in?” She nods & I step on board, the door closing behind me.  “Do you drive this thing?”  “Of course I do.  I don’t just live in it.”  She starts the engine & we start moving.  I’m not sure who this girl is or where we’re going, but I feel like I’m not alone for the first time in a long time.

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