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I got in the last couple of interviews for QRD today.  So the issue should go live next week.  Which is putting me on a five week schedule instead of a monthly schedule.  Which I think is pretty good.  First time in maybe 14 years the issues have been this close together.  I think  it was nearly every six weeks or so for about the first six issues.

The Irata with the new artwork came in.  Have to fix it up for the digital booklet tomorrow.

Still working on getting things ready for the Myspace promo on the new releases.  I know a lot of you haven’t heard the Remora: Mecha record yet, but I’m curious what bands you think I should have as “recommended if you like” – you can hear/download three tracks at GimmeSound to give you an idea.

I got a new intern that actually applied for the job (I posted it on a music job site) who’ll be starting this fall (right around the time to update all the college radio contacts).  So I’m pretty excited about that idea.

I wrote a little piece about the YouTube advertising I did for the Vlor video at Music Think Tank.

I got out all of my quarterly invoices to my distros today (laid out a new way to do it which took longer this time, but should make things faster every quarter from here on out).  So that feels pretty good, but unfortunately I have gotten a few emails back saying “no sales this quarter.”  Which isn’t too surprising given the state of things, but still disconcerting.  I like to think that the music is still selling but somehow not through direct channels.  Well, we’ll see what happens.  If the options are to complain all day or make more music/art/etc, I say stop complaining.

Recorded a couple little vocal demo ideas.  When the day comes to start transcribing all these ideas into songs, I’m going to be worn out.  I should just leave them around for future generations like Tupac.

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