Digital Booklets & Twitter

A rough day today in things associated with my life, so not as much done today as I’d hoped.

Got out the next round of follow up for my mini-comics.  I think a lot of the comic book reviewers seem a little less fascinated with my minis for each group of them they receive & less likely to give them coverage. On the one hand that makes sense, but they review each issue of Green Lantern….

In the digital downloads there were thirteen releases that didn’t have as good of digital booklets as I’d like, so today I remade two of them.  One day I’ll get them all done.

Looking into Pay with a Tweet for when the next Silber sampler is ready.  That people will have the option of “paying” by posting about it on Twitter or actually paying $1.  What do you think of the idea?

Also planning to add some Twitter stuff onto the QRD pages for the new issue.

Since I seem to be talking a lot about Twitter, it was released today that Twitter is now the second most popular search engine (below Google, above Yahoo & Bing).  According to Alexa Twitter is currently the 11th most popular site worldwide & 9th in the USA (just FYI, MySpace is still #13 in the USA).

Also according to Alexa Silber lost its popularity in The Philippines, now the country where we’re the most popular is the UK.  Maybe because of the interviews with Darren Hayman, Colin Newman, & Chris Olley in QRD?

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