Irata, ST, Distro

Got the Irata digital booklet & press release done.  Uploading the download for the shop right now.  Still have to update the website about it.

Did an interview for Sequential Tart, I’ll let you know when it’s up.  Strangely I got the question “where do you get your ideas?” & I normally give some glib remark, but I took it as opportunity to figure out some things about how my mind & art actually work together.

Got some stuff back from some distros that I hadn’t heard from in a while about settling accounts.  Which is good & bad.  On the one hand there should be some money, on the other hand less physical distribution.  Less distribution & the return of QRD, feels like 1997….

I’ve been having problems with some emails not coming through & others not going out lately.  Trying to get my webhost to figure out what the issue is.  Quite irksome though.

I just found out the cartoon Generator Rex is based on a comic book (M Rex).  Sometimes my level of comic book geek seems a little low.

More tomorrow….

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