Puzzle Boxes & Dreams

So I got the 4 new puzzle box designs up on the website ready to order.  I had a lot of luck with the puzzle boxes on Kickstarter earlier this year, but right now Kickstarter says only one campaign at a time & based on the seeming stall out of my current campaign, I’m not sure what to make of things on their anyway, so I just contacted the folks who previously ordered directly telling them about the new stuff on the website.  We’ll see if it generates orders.  I greatly prefer having the Silber site as the main generator of revenue over something third party.  It makes me feel like I have at least a tiny bit of control.  We’ll see what happens here down the line.  In other Kickstarter news, I added a few “stretch rewards” to try & boost the income on the Pittsburgh Residency Project as well as adding some higher ticket rewards.  We’ll see what happens on that.

Got some work done on the press releases & some general updating of the website & I sent out the newsletters to the folks who aren’t interested in the record label end of Silber, I’m waiting to send the rest of the promo out until the rest of the press releases are done.  Hoping to get all of that done before ducking out of town.

Last Night’s Dreams:
I’m reading a book by Stan Lee of anecdotes about the secret inspirations for various comic book characters.  I realize the whole thing is probably just stories Stan made up when the one about Aquaman says he was originally created as a sales cartoon for Tropicana orange juice.

I’m staying a couple blocks from the beach when I hear a roar that sounds like the ripping of the earth when trees are being pulled out of the ground.  It’s a tidal wave; but instead of coming from the ocean in the east, it’s coming from the west.  This is how the world ends in a flood.  I wonder if solid state hard drives data will survive this kind of thing….

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One Response to Puzzle Boxes & Dreams

  1. GoddakkAttack says:

    recently in the news some guy found a digital camera in the bottom of the pond and recovered the photos from the memory stick. hope this means your drives are safe from future hypothetical floods.

    For the record i have a similar dream of the end of the world except the flood comes as a result of the moon falling into the sea