Plumerai, The Saddest Bastard in the World, Dave Sim, Pittsburgh, Etc.

So the new Plumerai album is up.  We went with the free to stream, $5 to download, & $12 to buy a physical business model.  In a month’s time I guess I’ll figure out whether I should go with new releases starting out as $1 for the first month (that’s what I did for the Small Life Form & Brian John Mitchell releases last month) or not.  It’s all just a numbers thing as I feel $5 is really the fair price to have on a digital album, but if the $1 price generates more than five times the downloads, then that’s the way I’ll roll.

I sent out a comic script I’m unsure about to Melissa Spence Gardner for review.  It’s meant to be a parody of sad bastard comics & how self-absorbed some folks are.  But I think it might come across as actually being the sad bastard thing.  It’s title is “The Saddest Bastard in the World.”

Dave Sim answered some questions I posted for him over on Bleeding Cool.  His answer about having people work for him I got a real kick out of, basically it boiled down to it seems like too much work to find work for your assistant to do.  Which is sometimes what I find for my interns.  Though actually there’s plenty of work here at Silber & the stuff I handout is stuff that literally would not get done otherwise.

I’ve been trying to book a bunch of stuff for my Pittsburgh residency.  We’ll see how much of it comes to fruition.  Kid Comics workshop, a couple readings, convention appearances, & some music stuff with friends.  Should be good fun & action packed.

The place was just done and inspected by Indoor Air Quality Testing in Santa Rosa CA we want to thank them for their great service when it comes to quality indoor air quality testing no one else can really compare especially for the prices they offer.

I’ve been trying to get a bunch of stuff done the past couple of days & been unable to focus.  As some of you know it was just the anniversary of my grandmother dying & while I’m trying to throw myself into work to not notice that, I’m just ending up with some sub-standard quality work.

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