Promos, Recording, DI donations

Spent a lot of time making up the special page for press/radio folks for the new releases.I’ll probably start emailing them about it in the next day or two.  Hopefully it’ll cause some resurgence with some of the other recent releases as well.

I spent an hour recording a Remora song (well actually a cover song) for a compilation today.  I think I have two tracks (of 8 I need to do) done except for cleaning them up & mixing them.  So I feel pretty good & like there’s a real possibility of me getting them all done by the September 1 deadline.

I’ve got this plan for a semi-crazy intense recording that I need a bunch of DI boxes for (the kinds with a through line like people use right before the amp & such).  So if anyone has extra DI boxes they want to donate, let me know.  To do this recording as I’m thinking I would ideally need 16 DI boxes, which is kinda crazy I know.  I might scale it down drastically in the end.

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