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So it was a nice day today & I was able to take my grandma out to walk (meaning me pushing her a couple miles in a wheelchair (takes about 40 minutes)) several times (4 trips) which lowered my amount of time to work on things.  Still makes for a day where I feel like I’m more useful alive than dead & that’s a plus. But I scored a ton of cicada skins today (about a dozen & most days I find three) that I’ve been collecting for a month to try to use for a Remora video when the time comes that I’m ready for it.  I have it semi-done in my mind, but that’s a long way from even being shot in reality.

I tried to post some stuff about my comics & the new feature page in a few Facebook groups.  I’m curious if it’ll generate any interest or not.

I composed the promo letter for digital press for the new releases & sent it out to some of the folks.  I suppose at some point I should upgrade my mailing stuff so I can send all my emails out on the same day.  It’s still relatively new (a couple years) that I’m using a software to do it rather than writing a couple thousand by hand which took a solid month.

So on Facebook this guy I’m hypothetically friends with posted a thing saying he didn’t mind buying music off of iTunes if he couldn’t find it on Mediafire.  & of course it’s a guy who would call himself a professional musician (which of course really just means he has a girl that is letting him not have a job) that should do what he can to support the industry.  Total douchebaggery.  I know I shouldn’t be upset about it, but it’s been bugging me for two days.  In related news, I got a Google Alert about the Azalia Snail being on a pirate site (hardly news) & one of the hosting sites for file traders now does profit sharing with people who have popular downloads.  WTF?  In the FAQ it encourages content owners to post albums up on it, but I think we all know that’s not how things work.  Sheesh.  I’ll give a potential moral gray area with wanting to share music you love for free to your friends (though I disagree), but making money off of other people’s music like that is pretty fucking awful to me.  Once again I know it’s not anything I really should be upset about, but here I am complaining.

I’ve been listening to the Silber Radiostream Page today & it makes me realize I really have kind of done something of value with Silber over the years.  There’s been a lot of good music that no one would’ve heard otherwise.  At the same time it makes me a little confused how Silber hasn’t ever “made it.”  Then again I have a friend who’s label is getting a big buzz right now & I was a little jealous about it & then I heard his parents invested $20,000 on the label which was spent on promo & advertising in more or less a single swoop.  It’s like that joke, “How do you make a small fortune in music?” “How?” “Start with a large fortune.”

I got contacted by Shazam today about wanting to add some Silber releases to their service for music recognition.  Feels like I’m doing something right.

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2 Responses to Positivity, Cicadas, Promo, Anger, Pride, Jealousy, Shazam

  1. GoddakkAttack says:

    do you get money off shazam as a result? i always wondered how that worked…or do they just link your song to a place to buy it online and call it even?

  2. They don’t pay money. The email actually went into the fact that they just need to download the music to process & that they don’t keep copies of the audio on their machines. Most likely the new Plumerai & Goddakk will be getting processed, though they got in touch explicitly for the new Electric Bird Noise & Azalia Snail.