Progress & Dreams

I got all the promos out to press & radio.  Just got a few for stores left to send out.  Sometimes I think sending promos to stores instead of press & radio may be a better way to generate sales, but I have a softer spot for radio & press folks than record stores if I need to go one way or the other.

Gotta try to get done all the paperwork associated with shipping out the new releases.

Trying to get the digital download versions of the new releases ready.  Maybe tomorrow.  Things always take longer than I anticipate lately.

Still trying to find some outlets for promoting videos that seem actually useful.  I think after I follow today’s leads I’ll be ready to concede on not having any ideas about that end of promotion & just let things take their natural course of popularity (or lack there of) instead of trying to push a video.  It’s a shame because I could see the Vlor video being a popular video for two weeks on the internet based on both the song & the visuals, but I don’t know how to make it happen.

Recent dreams:
I get back home from tour.  I’m living in a trailer with some roommates in rural Mississippi because my share of the rent is only $45.  The trailer is totally trashed & no one is there.  The doors are left open & the place is infested with bugs.  My roommates probably got busted for selling drugs.  Did the jerks try to pin something on me & now the cops are after me?  Where the hell am I supposed to go?  I feel more homeless than ever.

I’m tied up to a chair being tortured.  It’s a woman yelling at me & hitting me.  She gets close to me, whispering as if to be seductive.  I move my head suddenly & bit her throat & the texture of it in my mouth feels so foreign as I bite down.  She knocks the chair over trying to get away but I keep my jaw clamped down & she stumbles backwards & I almost choke on the piece of her neck still in my mouth, but I manage to spit it out.  Lying on the floor tied to the chair, I watch her blood spread on the floor.

Sarah June (first appearance by her in one of my dreams) gets a new tattoo on her arm.  But it is not a tattoo.  It is alive & not only moves on her skin, but occasionally comes off of her arm altogether looking for things to feed on in the shadows.

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