Fightin’ Incompetence

Uploading the digital versions of the new releases.  I wanted to add pdf booklets so it took a while to re-do some layout stuff to make it work.  But these are the rough drafts for the upcoming Silber releases.  Of course it would be nice if the digital download shop seemed to be functioning properly, but hopefully that’ll be fixed soon in a way where it doesn’t break again.  I don’t know how to set the stuff up myself, so I can’t really say that the problems are caused by incompetence.

Did some more research adding more webzines & blogs to the promo list.  I need to get interns one day to check over to see how many no longer exist.

Getting my list geared up for the MySpace promo for Carta & Sarah June.  Hopefully it will only take a month to complete them.

Already getting some feedback about the new material getting played a couple spots.

I just got a review of my comics on PopCultureShock that made me feel a little weird.  I think that people think mini-comics are the minor leagues for mainstream comics, but (at least in my case) it is about chasing down a particular aesthetic.  I can’t imagine translating my stories to a standard comic style.  Part of why they work is that they are incredibly dense & tiny.  If I re-assembled most of them into a regular comic you’d spend 90 minutes trying to get through them (which is part of why, in retrospect, The Lost Kisses DVD is not terribly effective).  Perhaps most bizarre is they called Worms a rip-off of The Prisoner while it clearly rips off Lovecraft (& if you’ve seen The Prisoner (either incarnation), the idea of something that essentially only has one character with no one to interact with ripping it off just doesn’t make sense anyway).  Whatever.  I just get irked by inaccuracy whether it’s from a comic reviewer, a journalist, or a medical professional.

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