Better Day Tomorrow.

Weird day today.

Started off losing some work on my computer because I didn’t know power was off & the work I was doing was over the internet & thus not saved because the router was shut off & I didn’t know it.

I got almost all the promos out.  Should get the last few out tomorrow.  I might end up getting some back because 11 went out $0.10 short of the required postage.  Ooops.

Got an email today from someone that bought a download that there was an error code.  The digital shop thing is driving me crazy.  I’m thinking about just switching it around to the free download with donations thing just because this has gotten to be such a freaking headache.  Of course the thing is I have made as much off the headaches of digital downloads for two releases in a month as I have for the donation buttons that habe been up with twenty releases for three months.  I was really in a good mood about things & this was going to be a pretty upbeat blog until five minutes ago when I found out the digital shop was still screwed up.  Maybe I should look into Bandcamp, but I really like the idea of not having a third party (or fourth if you count Paypal) involved.

Took a poll & most people seem to think I’m better off recording more Remora in April instead of touring.  So maybe I’ll book one or two shows in Ohio, but that’ll be it.

Better day tomorrow.

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