Producing & Dreams

I’m back on track working with Philip Palmer on his album.  Breaking the song & a half barrier in a day is seeming a bit hard.  I guess we are putting a lot more love & care into his record than I did in my 24 hour record a couple weeks ago.  But it would be nice to figure out a way to work faster.  I suppose a big part of it is that there’s a lot of production work as far as we’re coming up with parts on the fly instead of having fully formed songs.  Philip said that we’re starting with the hardest to record songs & drifting into the easiest, so maybe things will start rolling faster the end of the week.  I am really enjoying getting to work on someone else’s music & could really see this being a thing I could do more of.  I like getting to say, “this song is missing a melodica (or optical theremin or ebowed guitar or whatever),” & then adding it to make the song better.  Maybe help somebody on their album every other month or so to keep my own ideas coming & force myself to learn to work better & more efficiently on things.  One day….  I did realize that I do need to switch to a less obsolete software & invest in some closed back headphones.  May be happening sooner than later….

Last Night’s Dream:
It’s the end of my tour & I’m flying home from the pacific northwest.  I miss a connection & end up stranded in the Dakotas & they give me a $999 hotel voucher because I won’t be able to fly out in the foreseeable future.

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