End of the Road, Interview, & Last Night’s Dream

So last night was the final show for this little tour leg with The Independents.  Had some fun, not as much side work done as sometimes (no comic scripts written, but I did get a few panels drawn for a comic I was supposed to complete in April).  We did however do a lot of brainstorming about the mysterious Ghost Ape.
Here’s a little interview/article I’m in with a ton of other comic book dudes (including Mike Allred) about comic book creators who are also musicians.

Last Night’s Dream:
I’m pushing my Grandmother in a wheelchair.  I’m not sure where we are, it’s not familiar to me – I’d guess a downtown park in a flat area of the mountains based on the color of the sky.  We come up to a traffic circle type thing around a garden & I say how much I hate traffic circles & my Grandma asks me if I remember the time we got lost in a traffic circle.  I tell her I do even though I don’t.  I lean around & give her a kiss on the cheek.  She tells me happy birthday.  I say thank you.  She says she likes it being my birthday because it reminds her of her birthday.  I tell her it’ll be her birthday pretty soon.  She asks when her birthday is & I tell her in just a couple weeks, that her birthday is May 16.

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