Heading to the Beach/Studio

Spent most of the day trying to get some things ready for going to Myrtle Beach tomorrow to start recording.  I think I finally figured out the guitar part for “We Come from the Sea” (it was originally written for my project “The Call of…” (Lovecraftian based band done as americana instead of metal with a male & female vocal & instrumentation of acoustic guitar, accordion, & percussion) that never took off & it’s all twelve string guitar strum so it mainly just sounds like a big wall of strings) & I wrote guitar parts for “Peanut Butter Cup” & “Close Enough to God.”  The possibility for this week is recording a total of two Remora albums, two Small Life Form albums, an Electric Bird Noise versus Remora album, an Electric Bird Noise album, & a Jazzus Priest album as well as mixing down two other albums.  Which would mean completing more than an album a day.  Which is kinda pushing the realm of possibility pretty hard, but I think three could happen.  It all depends on how the more precision & fully realized style of Brian McKenzie molds well with the primitive & minimalist style of Brian John Mitchell.

I still need to pack everything.  & I suppose it’s going to be on the cusp as far as fitting everything in my car as I need to take down four guitars, two keyboards, two amps, & a bunch of other junk.

Did some scanning in for trying to improve the artwork on a few of the older digital downloads in the back catalog.  The problem is the scanner picks up the registration dots when I scan it in to be the proper size.  So it is still going to look less than ideal.

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