I actually practiced for the Small Life Form show tomorrow.  A new piece for the set built around super simple synth & optical theremin.

Made up a bunch of Moodring packets & sent them out.  I might finish them tomorrow.  & I’m feeling myself starting to get some things done.

I realized today how far I’m getting behind on working on the Remora album.  I’m starting to wonder if it’ll be like the album from 2002 titled Abandoned that was never recorded at all despite having twenty songs written for it.  At a year late it’s hard to get your heart into bothering to record things rather than just doing brand new material instead of music that just no one else has heard.  I am having the same problem with writing the comics lately.  I need to just get on doing the creative work instead of just doing the business end of things that makes me think art isn’t worth it at all.

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