More Days Working

Been playing the promo game the last several days.  Finding a few more places to use for promo & filling packages for the Moodring & Lost Kisses promos.  I also sent the last (& I really mean last this time) batch of follow-up emails for the July batch of mini-comics.

I got out the copies of Lost Kisses & Moodring out for the majority of my distros, so you should be able to get them in stores next Tuesday.  All of the copies for press & international radio have gone out.  Still working on getting the domestic radio stuff out & then contacting all of the opt-in & digital download promo folks (which also means making the digital promo version).

I talked to Dan at Tonevendor/Clairecords for a couple hours about the state of the music industry & the current problems & changing business models.  It’s always nice when a collegue is willing to be honest instead of thinking it’s a sign of weakness to say sales are low.

Silber intern Ben Collins is going to be taking charge of this year’s Christmas compilation.  It’s the first time I’ll be letting someone else takes charge of something like this, but hopefully it will work out & it will help the Silber empire be able to expand without me carrying quite as much weight.

Speaking of Christmas, I got a lead for selling a track from one of the Christmas comps for television placement.  We’ll see what happens.

I also got a contact about some song placements in a video game.  We’ll see what happens about that as well.  Placements are always a bit of a mystery because people want to play as little as possible (meaning literally nothing) while I want to get as much money as possible without getting the deal cancelled.

I got in the artwork for Marked #1.  So yeah, another series.  I guess I should start making the avatar versions as they do seem to be the way most people end up reading them.

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