dreams of sleep

Did about 8 hours of work today finding more reviewers to add to the Silber contact list.  Will things end up breaking with Silber because of all the extra research?  I guess we’ll all just have to hold our breath.

I finished packing up the Moodring promos & the last few will go out tomorrow morning.  It’ll be time to start doing the follow-up soon.

Strangely at the Small Life Form show there was a girl who’s just moved to the area doing the Small Life Form set.  She had a super simple synth & an optical theremin & used mic feedback.  Maybe it’s time to retire when a girl ten years younger than me is doing my schtick.

Random Fiction Installment:
I need a break from being alive.  A time of absolute calm & stillness so my mind can be repaired.  Nothing is clear anymore.  Everything is random & unconnected.  My eyes aren’t even functioning properly.  The world seems like paper cut-outs that if I touch will either collepse or cut me with their sharp edges.  & there’s an overwhelming difficulty in breathing.  Maybe I’m going into a seizure again or maybe I’m lucky & it’s anaphylactic shock.  It will be just like a seizure because I’m already starting to feel closer to God, but it will never end.  Moving slower & slower until the world is still & dark.

Random Dream Life Installment:
I wake up sleeping on her floor.  The sun is already up so I’m running way too late.  My grandmother needs me to help her get up in the morning.  What the hell am I doing in this girl’s house & where are my fucking keys & shoes.  I trip on a pile of books on the floor & smash into a wall.  The wall slows my mind down a little.  I find my keys on the counter of the kitchen.  The girl is on the couch either passed out or dead (or some state in between the two).  I don’t have time for her to be dead.  I don’t even have time to find my shoes.  I gotta get home.

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