Pow Wow, Star, The Independents, Spotify

Out on the road with The Independents.  It’s frustrating at time to see the low volume of people at good shows & the volume of people buying shirts over music, but it’s good to see the future for music at least slightly.  I have hope for the future sometimes if not faith in it.  Met one of their old booking agents who is a 74 year old that is super excited about Kickstarter, so that’s kind of an exciting idea.

I haven’t seen to many people mention it, but Spotify Europe recently eliminated download purchases.  Which means the revenue they’ll generate for artists on Silber will most likely drop down from a couple dollars a month to a few cents a month.  Still not sure if having any of the Silber catalog on their is an asset or liability.

I got the drafts finished for Star #3 & #4 finished up & sent to Kurt Dinse.  It will be a while until they’re drawn, but it’s cool to have them done on my end.

Got a little work done on laying out Pow Wow #2.  I might get it done by Monday.  Just depends how the next couple of days go.

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