Last Night’s Dreams

Last Night’s Dreams:
I wake up when a bell rings in a church classroom.  No one else is in the room so I get up & leave.  Wandering out of the building looking for my car a woman grabs my arm & asks me my last name.  I tell her & she lets go & disappears into a cluster of people.  I go into the crowd after her & grab her arm & ask her why she wanted to know my name.  She asks me how my public speaking class was & I tell her I’m not taking a public speaking class & I apologize for being rude & say “I’m sorry, I just woke up.”  “Oh?  You were on a coke bender?” “What?  No, I fell asleep in my writing class.  Now I can’t find my car.  Crap, it was in an accident a couple weeks ago.”  “Did your insurance pay for a rental?”  “No.  I don’t have that kind of insurance.  I borrowed a car, but I can’t remember what it looks like.”

I’m using my 4-track cassette recorder to do a remix, but all I’m really doing is playing with the pitch wheel.

I’m explaining to a friend why I love Robert E Howard.  I don’t mention his work at all, only that he used to take care of his mother & that I took care of my grandmother & he shot himself in the head in the end & maybe he made the better choice.

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  1. GoddakkAttack says:

    do you know that dead milkmen song “Dean’s Dream” basically lyrics a play by play of a dream their drummer had. You should do a similar one.