Postcards, Remora, Muscle Mass, Short Compilation

Sent the postcards in for printing today to promote the new releases.  So something actually completed & scratched off the to do list.

Talked with Brian McKenzie about the new Remora record (tentatively titled Hurtless) he is going to act as producer/engineer on.  It’s a much different record than I anticipated.  I sent him a ton of demos & he didn’t choose to work with the songs that relatively sound like Electric Bird Noise, but instead the quirky pop song side of Remora (a la Songs I Sing) & acoustic guitar stuff.  So we’ll see what the results will be.  I’d kind of thought there would eventually be a Remoricana record, but I thought I’d record it in Louisville with Jamie Barnes.

Recorded a few demos in the style of my Muscle Mass project (cheap keyboard dance music).  Not sure if I’m going to try to make that band happen again or bring it back into the fold of Remora.

I got an email from Ben about a third rival compilation for our upcoming short song compilation.  There  must be some kind of disease going around so everyone wants to do that kind of comp.

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