Plumerai, Dumpsters, Songs, & Dreams

So I was going over my web stats for April & I have to say the oddest thing was that there were a lot of referrers for the Plumerai Marco Polo EP from people looking for Polo shirts.  Kinda funny.  Maybe the next Remora record should be called Colgate or something.

Today when I was going for a walk at the dumpsters behind an office building there were a dozen coin-op candy machines (the kind that kick out some kind of energy boost B12 filled starburst).  I spent about twenty minutes staring at them trying to figure out if I had anything I could use as a product to vend in them.  In the end I realized I’d need to make a special product to be able to sell in them & so I left them there as trash rather than bringing them home to never actually be used.

I mastered a record for a friend this afternoon.  It feels good to help someone.

I went through a bunch of live recordings & tossed out the stuff that is clearly totally valueless to anyone.  I had a 4 gig card for my recorder that cut off in the middle of a recording a few weeks ago because it was 100% full – which means around 8 hours of recordings from the past year or so that I had never listened to.  To be honest I don’t know what to do with the stuff.  I mean, if no one cares about listening to the albums, who wants the live shows?  Anyway I think I found a track I can use for a compilation appearance that I’ve been meaning to record (I’ve been having trouble getting motivated to clean my work space enough to really be ready to record), so it’s good to have something ready that I don’t need to work on.

Recent Dreams:
One of my friends who works two jobs found out his wife was having an affair.  In fact she has a second home & is married to both of them.  Her other husband is moving for a job & so she told my buddy that he can move with them if he wants.  He can’t decide what to do about the whole situation.

I’m going to my high school reunion for some reason & I’m scared of running into people who I don’t want to talk to, so I end up just going in a dark corner & sitting by myself just like in high school.

My car is stolen & I get a call saying it’s been found at an apartment complex only a couple miles from my house.  I go to where it is & it’s not close to a condition where you would really call it a car anymore.  I don’t want to deal with this….

I’m going for a walk with some friends during lunch.  There’s a bridge that’s knocked out on a creek, but I can see that there’s a dollar bill stuck on it in a pile of leaves.  My friends act like I’m a total crazy person because I take a running leap to land on the broken bridge.  I grab the dollar & stuck to the back of it are three one hundred dollar bills & a thousand dollar bill (which I have never even seen before).  Trying to get back off the bridge I realize there’s some alligators in the water, but I get up on one of the rails so I’m as high as I can be & I jump to the shore.  I tell my friends, “Let’s go out to lunch!” & we’re trying to figure out a restaurant we would all like.
I’m late getting to class in university & when I sit down at a free desk a waitress comes up & ask if I want eggs & I tell her that I’m fine & I’m trying to pay attention to the lecture.  During the middle of the lecture I notice a vending machine starting to tip over on a sleeping student & I brace it so they can get out of the way before it falls on him.  He wakes up for a second & falls back asleep with me holding up the vending machine.

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2 Responses to Plumerai, Dumpsters, Songs, & Dreams

  1. GoddakkAttack says:

    are you say ing your minicomics couldn’t be dispensed if you shoved them into a little plastic ball?

    it may be fattening but you should buy a bunch of kinder eggs and toss out the prize and stuff them with your comics. then stuff them in tailpipes around town….

    maybe not the last part.

  2. These candy machines aren’t the kind that use the balls. The mechanism in them is designed to only spit out one inch squares that are a fourth of an inch thick. So I’d need to make comics in that format & wrap them in foil or whatever so they don’t get damaged.

    I actually have something I came up with yesterday related to the easter egg idea. But I don’t want to talk about it too much because I want to be the first one to do it.