A Few Tid Bits

So my Kickstarter orders are more or less all out.  I still need to get the paperwork done & get the artists paid for the work they’ve done on the comics.   But I feel a lot less stressed out having finished that.

So I got some news that the tour I’m doing with The Independents has been greatly abbreviated.  I’m fine with it because it will give me more time to work on my own stuff, though I do miss the idea of getting to go up to Canada & just forcing myself to be out of the house is probably a good idea as well.  But I’ll try to make some cool stuff happen in the mean time.  Get a couple comics done & maybe an album or two instead.

Here’s another video of new stuff from mwvm.

Last Night’s Dream:
I look out the window of the kitchen on the second floor & near eye level is a fox sleeping on a branch of a pine tree.  I didn’t even know foxes could climb trees, much less that they choose to sleep in them.  I wish there was someone to show him to.

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