Story Telling, Plumerai, QRD, Klout

I just read this pretty interesting article by John Ostrander (he wrote the comic I dig called Grim Jack in the 1980s) on how to be a good story teller.

Here’s an interview with Eliza & Mickey of Plumerai about their Kickstarter campaign & more on The Seekrit Projekt.

I came up with some new ad rates for more traditional ad placements on QRD as well as lowering some of the old ones if any of you might be interested.  In addition I am getting ready to seek out some new interview subjects for the guitarist interview series, musician dad series, & the label owner series if you have any suggestions where you have the person’s contact information.

I go out with The Independents for a few days in a few hours.  We’ll see if I get much work done in the van.  Taking my laptop along in hopes of getting some things typed up for Finally Checking It Out & Nostalgia Equals Distortion.

I just stumbled across this little video explaining how to actually use Klout.  Mystery solved!

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