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Been getting a bit done today.  I designed the buttons that are associated with the Pittsburgh residency (because none of the images were circular & required some editing & such).  I had trouble narrowing it down to six.  Maybe one day I’ll get a good button maker & a printer that I like & start making some stuff on my own to have more varieties.  I also started doing some of the work towards the ebook about the residency.

The month is just starting, so we’re having the contest again this month to guess the most popular download of November (music or comic) to get a free download over on Facebook.  Just post a comment over there with your guess before Friday to enter.

Here’s a new ambient piece from mwvm:

The big news though is I got up the new installment for the 5 songs in 5 minutes EPs.  This one is a sci-fi musical narrative from Electric Bird Noise.  Free to stream or a dollar to download.

Lost Dream Lyrics (found this one in my notebook from a couple weeks ago):
True love, true death
True love, true death
When we look into the mirror
What is it we see?
Through each other’s eyes
Just escape or set free?
True love, true death
True love, true death

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