Remora, Just A Man, Dream

So I just launched a Kickstarter for some Remora t-shirts.  I’ve been kind of wanting to do new shirts for a while, but I have no desire to have them sitting in my closet for ten years so if they pre-sell fine & if they don’t pre-sell then I know there’s no demand for it & I didn’t waste a couple hundred bucks.

I got in the artwork from Andrew White today for Just A Man #5.  I hope to have time to lay it out soon.

Last Night’s Dream:
I’m at a comic shop & they have a deal where all of their back issues are for sale for ten dollars a pound & I’m not sure how good of a deal that actually is.  They have couple of vintage Joker t-shirts, one is from the Tim Burton Batman movie, but is printed on natural cotton instead of black; the other looks like a Bruce Timm interpretation of Arkham Asylum & is printed on heather gray.

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