A Return

Hey, back in Raleigh.  Trying to get caught up from being gone for a month, so probably not going to be blogging too much the next week as I’ll be pretty busy.  Especially given it’s the end of the year & I’m behind on paperwork.

The final show of my work in Pittsburgh went pretty awesome.  There’s supposed to be video of it up in a few weeks & I’ll let you know when it happens.  Showing of the work on Sunday here in Raleigh & then mailing all the stuff out to the Kickstarter folks.

I am hoping to get a new five minute EP up this week & run a wave of promo for those & a second wave of promo for the other recent releases (Plumerai & Irata).

Anyway, lots of love for all your interest & support of everything we do at Silber, it means a lot to me.

Last Night’s Dream:
I’m digging through the attic looking for an artificial Christmas tree.  I don’t even know why I’d bother to decorate as I’ve never done it before.

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