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Been working on the end of year paperwork lately.  It’s a headache.  It’s also kinda depressing.  Two artificially good quarters (quarters where I got big distro checks from money owed for over a year) & two kinda lousy ones.  But still in the black which is a testament to something these days.  We’ll see if I can stay in the black in 2011.  It always starts in the red after I cut the royalty checks from the previous year.

I was looking at how many CDs I have in the basement & there are some releases that will probably never recoup either because of money I blew on special packaging or advertising (or generally a combination of the two).  Is it morally right to try to just sell off the discs below what they’d need to sell at to recoup costs (given that I don’t cut royalty checks until recoup of cost)?  I guess if it’s never going to recoup it doesn’t matter if it’s $500 or $1000 away from catching up & I get the music out of my house & into the hands of some folks who want the music.  Of course I look at how few people have taken advantage of the deals on the sale page (the ten early Silber discs for $35!) & I think cutting prices even lower would just depress me when no one bought anything.

Still thinking about the CMYK laser printer for making color mini-comics.  We’ll see If I do it or not.

I’ve been talking to Nick Marino about doing a Deadpool comic together.  Do it & then maybe send it to Marvel & see what happens.  Maybe I’ll be like Ed Brubaker who used to make indie comics about being a jerk & now writes Captain America comics.  It sounds like a better day job than anything else I’ve done.  I know it’s a fantasy.  Just like writing an actual hit song.

Today’s installment of Silber mini-comics is XO #6.

Last Night’s Dream:
I’m on tour with Brian McKenzie & we take a day off to go to Busch Gardens.  I start to vividly remember when I was  9 & went there with my family & The Big Bad Wolf roller coaster had just opened & had a ton of ads on the TV so I want to ride it.  I wasn’t tall enough to ride it, but I got in line a second time with my dad & stood on my tip toes & they let me on.  When the first “drop” part of the ride comes it is clear that I’m really not tall enough to ride the ride & I’m in danger of falling out & I have to hold on to the weird cushioned vest thing to keep from flying out.  Random vivid memories….

I’m a soldier & I’m undergoing genetic manipulation for a special mission when they discover my genetics already have been dramatically altered.  I was born a primitive super-soldier & I don’t know how to use my abilities.

Someone is playing a theremin & they suck at it.  Why if someone sucks at guitar everyone knows it, but just because somebody bought a theremin they must know what they’re doing….

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5 Responses to Paperwork, Deadpool, XO, Dreams

  1. Nick Marino says:

    A fantasy… but a good one nonetheless!!!

  2. GoddakkAttack says:

    i think the artists who probably wont’ recoup cost either way will be happier having their CD’s in listeners hands as opposed to your basement.