Overworked & under nourished

Okay, so I’m starting to realize I’m over extended on the work I need to do, so the blog may be slowed down from indepth entries for a little while. If you need a blogging fix, there’s a good one about comics I just started reading from Steve R Bissette.

So I think I have about 50 interviews I need to proof for the upcoming issues of QRD.  So probably around 300 pages if I printed them out.  What have I gotten myself into?

I’m going to try to do some minor edits on some glitches on the Azalia Snail record.  Because I’m funny on things like fades between tracks feeling too sudden or there not being quite enough silence between tracks.

I got the layout done for printing the Dave Sim collaborative comic Poit I did & sent him some copies.  I need to get it up for sale & everything soon.

I got in the new album from Goddakk & I like it quite a bit.  We’ll be going digital only with it (these days it’s hard to justify putting money behind a non-touring act, plus the digital only means no overhead & the artist can get paid right away).  Not sure exactly when it’ll be out, but soon.  In the meantime you can buy the previous one.

Got in the preliminary artwork for the Electric Bird Noise collective album.  Looks nice.  We’ll see when it is fully realized for coming out.  Brian McKenzie (EBN) is still working on the Remora mixes for the new album.  So making some movement on that front.  I think we have about two tracks to go on the mixing process.

I also remembered that I agreed to be in charge of the digital anthology for SPACE (comic convention) & that’s going to be coming up sooner than later.

A week from Friday I’m playing with The Pointless Forest as a full band at a show for the first time (I’m on SK1 & optical theremin) & then the following Friday is a Remora show with Clang Quartet.  So I need to start spending some time practicing.

I did manage to finish my quarterly paperwork (soliciting for payment to distros & filling out my quarterly tax form & sending payments out to the artists).  So at least I have that off of my mind.

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