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Well, here it is the end of 2010.  Just two more to go until the world ends.

Everyone else has been doing their end of year best of lists & I feel really awkward doing that since the records I listened to most this year were by Thorn1, The Wet Teens, Lotte Kestner, & Sarah June.  Also I didn’t see any movies that came out in 2010.  So here’s my list for TV…
Best New Cartoon
Archer (Totally over the top hyper-sexualized spy cartoon.)
Honorable Mention: Generator Rex (Teenage kid who is himself a monster of a sort fighting other monsters.)
Best Continuing Cartoon
Venture Brothers (You already know this one I imagine.)
Honorable Mention: Ben 10 (Whatever they call it now, Ultimate Alien? The story line of when you’re best friend goes crazy/evil do you kill him or try to cure him is pretty nice for a kids’ show.)
Best New Live Action Show
Tower Prep (The Prisoner for teens basically.  Kids with really subtle super powers trying to escape a training school they’ve been kidnapped into.  Occasionally it does lean more toward the teen side of things than the weird paranoia puzzle angle.)
Honorable Mentions: Caprica (When do computers/robots become sentient enough to be called slaves?  At times the series is a little clumsy, but aren’t most shows?) & Work of Art: The Next Great Artist (This is the only reality show I’ve ever tried to watch.  I like seeing artists work, even when some of them are towards the pretentious side.)
Best Continuing Live Action Show
Breaking Bad (I hated the “fly” episode, but the finale bits made up for it.)
Honorable Mention: Doctor Who (This new Doctor grew on me faster than any have.)
Best News Program
Charlie Rose (You know it’s the best.  Debatable to call it a news show I suppose, but it’s more about what’s really going on in the world than pretty much anything else.)
Honorable Mention: The Colbert Report (Entertainment & information in one spot.  I still have no idea what his actual political beliefs are.)
I think that lists most everything I intentionally watched….

Did some more work on updating the banners section of the website.  I’ll actually be finally able to cross it off my to do list after who knows how long.  I also did some mild alterations on the right hand column here on the blog.  Do you think I have things in the right order on it?

Been talking with PD Wilder (Hotel Hotel) & it looks like he might be doing a mini-comic for Silber.  It’ll be cool to have a comic coming out here that I don’t have any hand in.  I don’t know how long it will be before an issue is done as he was wanting the specs for page sizes & such.  I think it would be great to have more content coming that isn’t all mine.  See what other people can do in the ultra-mini format…..

I made a page where you can play a flash chess game against a computer on the Silber site.  Maybe I’ll add more games sometime.  Or I’m thinking about making it part of the radio stream playing page.  Or maybe adding some version of chess with a login system or something.  Incidentally I’m pretty lousy at chess, I play on level 2.

Today’s installment of Silber mini-comics is XO #5.

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