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Here’s the charts for what people were into last month on the Silber site.
Top Ten Most Read Silber Digital Comics in October
1. REH #1
2. Mecha #1
3. Kid Comics Instruction Booklet
4. Extreme Lost Kisses #1
5. Small Art Series I
6. Lost Kisses #4
7. Just A Man #2
8. Built #1
9. Ultimate Lost Kisses #11
10. Just A Man #1

Top Ten Most Read About Silber Releases in October
1. Northern Valentine – Fin De Siecle
2. Brian John Mitchell & Andrew Weathers – Drone is in the Blood
3. Remora – Scars Bring Hope
4. mwvm – Had Yr Pash
5. Promute – Drone of the Norns
6. Plumerai – Mondegreen
7. Lotte Kestner – China Mountain
8. Remora – I Came To Party
9. Irata – Vultures
10. Irata – Irata

Top Ten Silber Album Downloads in October
1. Brian John Mitchell & Andrew Weathers – Drone is in the Blood
2. mwvm – Had Yr Pash
3. Plumerai – Mondegreen
4. Plumerai – Marco Polo
5. Promute – Drone of the Norns
6. Remora – I Came to Party
7. Northern Valentine – Fin De Siecle
8. Irata – Vultures
9. Small Life Form – Voice in the Sky
10. Unspeakable Forces – Butterfly Corpse

Top Five Most Read QRD Interviews in October
1. Erin O’Brien (issue 29 (2005))
2. Second Motion Entertainment (issue 45 – Label Owner Interview Series I (2010))
3. Nick Reinhart (issue 43 – Guitarist Interview Series III (2010))
4. Calvin Johnson (issue 42 – Guitarist Interview Series II (2010))
5. Alan Sparhawk (issue 46 – Guitarist Interview Series IV (2010))

So I caught a cold & it’s really thrown me for a loop & kept me from getting all my work done.  But I’m still getting a bunch of drawings done on this cartoonist residency in Pittsburgh.   I passed over $500 now in pre-selling the artwork I’m making up here over Kickstarter, so I’m pretty stoked about that.  $500 was the break point where I start making buttons to go out as a free bonus with some of the backer rewards & I think that’s pretty cool.

Oh, it’s probably also worth noting that Vlor got played in an episode of the new show Catfish on MTV last night.

Last Night’s Dreams:
Recording a podcast over Skype with Jayson Elliot (Permission Magazine).  I don’t know what the topic is, but we get into some kind of heated argument.

I’m living at a community built around a lake.  It might be where my parents had a camping lot when I was a kid, but it’s built up & changed a lot.  There’s a home schooling teacher that has a dock on the lake where kids get dropped off via speedboats & she has a sign that says something like “Los Angeles Level Education with Country Values.”  I’m just standing on one of those floating level docks with rails & it gets hit by a speedboat full speed.  The dock flips over & I’m holding on to the rails trapped inside it like a cage trying desperately not to get the book in my hand wet (a copy of Dungeons & Dragons Fiend Folio).

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