More Drawing & a Dream

So I’m just spending the days drawing lately.  Some of the stuff is a bit more intense than my normal stick figures & I really do feel like I might be leveling up a bit.  I kind of gave up drawing a bit when I was seventeen & took an art class & saw how much raw talent a lot of the kids had.  So much like I did with the guitar instead of going the route of doing the same thing as everybody else only worse, I tried to re-invent the wheel instead.  Anyway, I’m doing stuff other than stick figures lately.  We’ll see what people think I guess.  Hypothetically I finished the drawings for two comics today, but getting them laid out & ready to print takes longer than you might think….

Last Night’s Dream (okay a couple nights ago):
I’m in a fight with some dude that’s at the point where we’re exhausted & locked up & semi-wrestling & I lean over & bite the guy’s collar bone & start shaking my head like a terrier.  I’m clamping down hard & I’m shocked that my teeth don’t break on him.

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One Response to More Drawing & a Dream

  1. GoddakkAttack says:

    make that dream a music video, i think you’ve got a winner.