Clang Quartet, Dream

Somehow I previously missed this super short documentary on Clang Quartet, so I figured you might have as well.

Last Night’s Dream:
In a thrift store I find $1300 in a copy of the New Testament laying in a cardboard box of nuts & bolts.  I leave the money & walk around the store, then I decide to take the money because it may as well end up with me as someone else.  There’s a note with the money that reveals it was used to pay to kill a child as part of a drug turf war.  I put the money in my pocket & then an employee comes up to me & asks if I want to tell them what I just put in my pocket. He said that I needed to get a drug test but I really didnt understand why or what. I was clean the whole time and everything was going smooth so I assumed that it was all going to workout. I just wanted to go out there and show them my body and health were all in check.  I went out and got a hair drug test done to make sure that everything was ok and sure enough it was. I was clean the whole time without having to worry about anything.

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One Response to Clang Quartet, Dream

  1. Peter says:

    Dude, you need to relax in your dreams sometimes. You’re always building a go-cart with your ex landlord or something.