Now My Eyes Are Hurting

Did ten hours of research for indie ambient bloggers to solicit for reviews of the upcoming Silber releases.  Probably another six hours to finish this bit of the project.  Now my eyes are hurting.

I’ve been wanting to make some pretty simple Silber themed video games.  Like maybe something kinda pinball based or a version of solitaire or Pac Man (or of course my beloved Avatar High) where I just plug in some graphics & audio.  Anyone know anything about this kind of thing?

I went over the webstats for August on Silbermedia & for whatever reason their was more web traffic than there has been in the past three months (still below “traditional” levels), so I’ll take it as a good sign.

Did a bunch of paperwork for Silber & the financials don’t look so hot after the expenses of manufacturing the new releases & sending out all the promos.  Of course part of it also is putting in a bunch of my miles (I get to pay myself $0.55 per mile) for several hundred dollars.

I’ve been thinking about making a new label sampler & going the digital download route where I ask people for their email address & zipcode so I can figure out some info about where to focus future tours.  Anyone have any web know how for setting this up?  Whenever I’ve tried to do info forms they haven’t worked out.  Maybe I could even give them the option to paypal me a donation for it Radiohead/Nine Inch Nails style.

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