Things are now available

Ben Collins earns the status of greatest intern ever by giving me a free bass drum & floor tom.

I’m trying to find a way to make digital versions of the cartoons on the Lost Kisses DVD without having to re-do all the stuff.  Anyone know a good program to convert DVD chapters into MPEG files for people to download?

Yesterday MySpace ate my blog again.  Whatever.

Got about 15 hours of work done in the past couple days finding new stores & reviewers to contact for the upcoming discs.

Finished up the Aarktica press release.  Speaking of which, both the Aarktica & Vlor albums are now available to order here.

Set up the initial stage for a Small Life Form/slicnaton tour in November.  It’s a deep south tour.  Should be fun.

Oh, here’s a not for everyone in general & no one in particular, if you’re band is playing, it should never take more than sixty minutes from set-up to complete tear down including your set.  & sometimes that’s too long.

Uploaded the final versions of my Aarktica remix for Jon to use.

Martin Newman (Plumerai/Goddakk) suggested I start using Bandcamp for delivery of free downloads with their tip hat feature.  What do you guys think?  Anyone have experiences with them?

So yesterday was the release date for Moodring & I got an email from CD Baby that it had sold out.  So today when I started to fill their restock I got an email from them saying they had received the initial amount I shipped a couple weeks ago.  Something freaky is up with that place for the past few months.

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