New Stuff & Practice

So a few people ordered some of the new releases, which makes me feel useful as a human being.  Also got a distro order for a few hundred bucks (which is never quite as nice as an actual check) so it feels like a good day.

I entered Remora on to do a thing with Don Was.  It seems like a fun idea.  To vote for me you click on “R” then on the Remora video & then click “Like” as it’s playing.

Did some research on some bloggers to service.  One day maybe I’ll give up on the idea.

Starting to do some of the stuff for putting the legs on the promo work for these new releases.  Trying to get things happening while I’m still excited enough to do them.

I played some bass recording some demos for who knows what project (a Remora or Vlor album or just something that will never happen).  Good to have an instrument in my hands a bit as I have some shows coming.  I need to practice some of my own songs so I’ll be able to play them.  Plus preparing to record an album in six weeks, I need to get my technical prowess back up to its standard primitive level instead of being at a point where my left hand doesn’t know what it’s doing even when I’m looking at it.

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