Digital Downloads, Vlor for $1, Intern Help?

So today I put up the first Silber digital sales on the front page.  They’re encoded at 256 & you buy them with Paypal & get emailed a download link to a zip file.  The first two releases available are Aarktica’s In Sea & Vlor’s Six-Winged.  For a limited time Six-Winged is available to download for just $1!   Normal price is $5, but I want to encourage some people to try the service so I can get any kinks worked out (& since Vlor is more or less my music I can not feel like I’m devaluing someone else’s music).  So I hope you can check it out.  I’m coming around to the idea that people do own too much physical stuff & offering downloads is a good way to go.  So let me know what you think of it.

I finished the second drafts of Worms #6 & Marked #2 today.

Sent out the emails for record stores about the upcoming releases.  A lot of the emails bounced back (maybe the stores are closed or maybe they just changed their email addresses).  Anyone interested in spending a couple hours doing some intern work looking at websites for record stores?  Let me know if you are –

I went to a few different labels websites & I think I’m going to redesign the front page.  Put in my Twitter feed & a couple of other things.  Maybe I’ll work on it tomorrow.

The Sarah June discs are supposed to come in on Monday & Aarktica’s In Sea Remixes at the end of the week, so I need to get myself geared up for sending out my 200 promos.

I’m feeling good right now, but I’m not really sure exactly why.  For some reason I think things are on the upswing.

Last Night’s Dream:
Drinking a lot of beers with Archie Bunker & I pass out on the couch while he passes out in the chair.  I wake up in the morning & Archie’s dead & I need to break it to Edith.  Strangely his daughter isn’t around for things, but his son-in-law is.  WTF?

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