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As some of you may know Roadcone was a great avant/experimental label, which after 10 years of superb releases, closed its doors last year. We at Silber are very happy & proud to say we got to grab a hold of the incredible Roadcone staple Rollerball & will be putting out their new album Real Hair this fall. It’s an amazing record, & really difficult to describe. Brian (who’s been in touch with Shane from Rollerball for about nine years now, ever since discovering his zine “StarbageCan”) describes it as “no-wave lounge music”. Keep your eyes peeled for a Silber artist page for them very soon.

Our other new signee comes from Louisville, Kentucky and his name is Jamie Barnes. Yes, it’s true, you would probably call him a singer/songwriter. His demos blew us away, and we’ll be releasing his debut album later this year.

The Small Life Form album may finally be completed. It’s seven tracks & each track is basically one chord. For those who like the feeling of intoxication caused by ringing in their ears, this will be your favorite record. It is tentatively schedule for fall release.

Origami Arktika is working on a new album this summer & the Norwegian government is actually paying for them to record it. If that sounds crazy, then you know it must be a great record.

I’ve been really busy lately & Silber has become a little higher profile & I really haven’t had time to pay proper attention to the demos we’ve been sent nor to review the discs we’ve been sent to review for QRD. I’m sorry, but it may take forever to get caught up at this rate.

Remora has been on tour & people are asking about getting to hear some of the live tracks. I’m thinking about it. My European tour diary is supposedly going to be in Mouthy Magazine, but if not I’ll put it online.

People have been telling me I should use a distortion pedal to create distortion rather than playing instruments so hard they get damaged. I haven’t figured out if this goes against my principals or not.

I’ve been working on a collaboration with Nathan Amundson (Rivulets). I think they’re pop songs, but Nathan says I’m wrong about that. We’ll see what all happens as there are other people set to collaborate on it.

There’s a new issue of Zombie Kisses up & I’m working on re-writing the screenplay & some other related stuff.

We finally did get some Remora shirts based on Robotech: Macross Mecha. They’re pretty awesome.

This year Remora is going to be doing a string of EPs for limited-run European labels as well as attempting to do a new album. There’ve been a lot of songs written over the past couple years & very few recorded.

Silber is planning an enormous compilation of 21st century classical music by young composers.

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