I’m lazy, so there’s nothing that can stop me now

I never update or use this site to my advantage like I should. Oh well. In the past 4 months a lot has gone on. The Rollerball CD is out & the Mike VanPortfleet disc is out. We re-designed the website (www.silbermedia.com). I put out a special zine called “Lost Kisses” for an exhibit at the San Jose Museum of Art (view a busted version at www.silbermedia.com/lostkisses ). There’s a new QRD up at www.silbermedia.com/qrd I’ve been working on the new Remora record for a while. 24 songs recorded so far I think, I’m shooting for thirty before I start mixing down & deciding on what tracks will be on the album. I’m looking for people to do artwork for Zombie Kisses if anyone’s interested….

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