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Happy New Year. A lot of randomness going on where I feel like I’m actually getting work done right now, so that’s putting me in a better space than I often am. My goal for the year is to recognize good & happy times when they are actually happening.

I got a Small Life Form song recorded & submitted for a compilation & I also worked up this short piece from a recording of a broken light I encountered on tour back in September:

So with college football season closing I kept seeing the things where cheerleaders hold up signs that say, “Make some noise” & I tried to find a video on YouTube of some one doing one of those cheers to post up on some people’s walls on Facebook. But the one that came up for me was one about a middle school team called “The Devils” & I realized it would be fun & cool to do a noise compilation of people responding to the cheer either as a cover song or a source point or whatever. So here’s the video if you might be interested in taking part:

I started work on drawing both Come Home Safe No. 2 & the next Lost Kisses & Eddie Delaney turned in the roughs for Pow Wow #3 & I’m working on a script to be drawn by Shawn Atkins (Gello Apocalypse). I also signed up to show again at Louisville & might be lining up to do a show up in DC. We’ll see what happens.

Some of you know that I’ve been making vinyl bowls lately. I came up with this great idea of using cookie cutters to make little vinyl shapes. So I heated up some vinyl & I stamped them & they basically just scratched through the grooves. So I thought if I heated the vinyl up more I could make it work. So I cranked the oven up & left it on for a while. So strangely instead of getting softer at the higher temperature the vinyl let off some fumes that smelled really bad & ended up harder than the original record. So things are a wash on that. But I did come to the realization I can make some buttons/magnets with single letters on them & people can buy the individual buttons to spell things out. Hoping to figure out a way to make that happen soon as far as from a shopping cart standpoint.
Recent Dreams:
I’m living at an apartment complex with my grandmother taking care of her. I take her with me in her wheelchair to do the laundry. When I look up from moving our clothes from the washer to the dryer her wheelchair is empty. She must have wandered off again. I go out of the laundry room but I can’t see where she went. I lost her. Fuck!

My girlfriend tells me she’s breaking up with me because she knows she can do better. I don’t really have anything to say or an argument to make. She’s right.

I’m a young Joker & I’m running a heist with my little crew stealing a few cases of beer from a gas station. The five of us run out of the gas station carrying four cases of beer a piece & jump into the back of our box truck. After about twenty seconds of the guys congratulating each other & high fiving it becomes clear that no one has thought to drive the truck away. I say, “Drive the truck away!” & they all run out & are trying to get in to drive the truck but blocking each other Three Stooges style. Why do I work with such idiots?

I’m at a bar & I tell this fifty-year-old biker that I can’t understand anybody over 30 being in a biker gang. You should have already learned all you need to about substance abuse & sex with slutty broads & beating the shit out of your rivals by the time you’re 30. He’s getting ready to fight me when I say, “Come on, you know I’m right.” He says, “Hell, I guess you are. Let me get you a beer.

My ex-girlfriend calls & I don’t pick up the phone. She leaves a voicemail & when I listen to it she says she’s found a way to avoid her reputation, she’s going to start hanging out with the local hip hop community. I’m sure it’ll take a few weeks for them to figure out she’s a manipulative money grubbing slut & a liar.

Because of some kind of mild laden psychic powers, I’m selected to pilot a giant alien robot on Wednesday to defend my hometown. I wish I had experience or at least some training, but the robot won’t even make it to the planet until Tuesday night.

Dave Sim hires me to drive a 1960s Cougar he bought online up to Canada for him, but I’m not sure if the thing can run on unleaded gas or not & I’m going to have to try to drive the beast through snow. We’ll see if the car & I both survive the trip.

I’m driving an 18-wheeler & I’m supposed to pick up a load from a warehouse that has a quarter mile long driveway with a 45-degree incline. There’s no way my truck will be able to haul something up that steep of a hill without a running start.

I run an indie video store in the mall & we get a shipment that’s meant for the mainstream video store at the other end of the mall. I’m not sure if I should give them the stuff or just sell it for a hundred percent profit.

I’m on tour with Alex from Corpse Light in New Mexico. There are a couple of small adobe houses, no bigger than 200 square feet, on the side of the highway with signs over them in the colors of the Mexican flag with “Dream House” printed on them in an Old El Paso font. I ask Alex if his phone has service because I want to google to see if these “Dream Houses” are sound installations like Lamont Young’s.

There’s a Remora show & I’m not in the band anymore. The songs & music are coming across better than ever, but the vocals are even worse than when I was singing.

I’m meeting my girlfriend’s father at his office & he offers me a couple thousand dollars to never see her again. I’m not sure if I’m more offended by the offer in general or how low he thinks the value of his daughter is.

I’m on a website order a prescription drug that’s supposed to be able to help me smell better, but everyone actually takes because it aids in astral projection as a side effect. It’s $65, but if I make it to $100 I get free shipping. I’m going through their site & I’m thinking about getting these faux Fiesta Ware six inch navy blue plates to make it to free shipping.

A friend of mine is doing a performance art piece where she’s making prank calls that are being played over the PA. I tell her after the show that I don’t think it was cool, that it was kind of mean spirited & hurtful to the people she called & she tells me that I don’t understand what she’s doing, she’s making artistic collaborations.

I haven’t slept at all when my alarm goes off. I get up realizing I’m still in high school & I go to the kitchen & start making breakfast for me & my grandmother. My mom gets up while I’m helping my grandmother get up & when I get back out to the kitchen I tell my mom I don’t think I’m up to going to school today. She tells me not to worry about it, that she’s surprised I didn’t quit a long time ago.

I’m at the beach & Philip Palmer is trying to teach me how to surf. At some point he goes in to shore & I’m out alone in the ocean. A hundred foot wave comes & I try to dive through it in hope of surviving, but after diving in I can’t find my way back up to the surface.

I have a show at a new venue in Myrtle Beach that used to be some type of wax museum & the building in general is pretty dilapidated. Each room that used to house exhibits is now occupied by third tier crafters & antique dealers. When I finally find the performance space it is the old theater for the museum & actually pretty awesome.

I’m watching a Christian Bale movie where he is being smuggled somewhere under a blanket in the back of a pickup truck. After passing a checkpoint he pops up in the bed of the truck firing an Uzi & when he runs out bullets he switches to shooting an AK. I hope the Batman franchise hasn’t gotten this awful.

I’m performing as Small Life Form & I have a drone going & am lost enough in it that I’m starting to fall asleep. As I nod off Mark from Powercloud comes & taps me on the shoulder. It wakes me up. I try to turn on my optical theremin to get something more aggressive & weird going in the music, but the thing has a short in it or the battery is dying or something & the signal is coming out intermittently fucked up & shitty & making me sound totally unprofessional.

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