Sent out some orders today.

Did the promo blast on MySpace about the two upcoming shows.  Hopefully some folks will be around for them.

I need to get myself more organized.  I feel pretty far behind in life.

I’m sitting with her in a mexican restaurant (the fact that I haven’t seen her in ten years throws me off on what year it is, it somehow feels like it is 2000, but I could be wrong).  She’s sitting on the edge of the booth, one leg out into the restaurant like she’s about to get up & she has her right hand clenched on the table so tight the laquer finish is getting tiny cracks in it.  She looks like a wild animal, a predator.  She’s waiting for someone to attack & I’m scared that when she does we’ll get thrown out of the restaurant.  I can’t tell if her behaviour is from being on drugs (PCP) or not being on drugs (effexor?).  She’s grinding & baring her teeth & it makes me start grinding mine together & I can feel that whatever has taken her over is taking me over.  The right side of my head is starting to not function properly, the ear going dead & the eye half shutting as my left eye opens wider.  Maybe I should kill her so that she doesn’t get us thrown out of the restaurant or at least kill her before whatever is wrong with her that she’s giving to me takes me over completely.  My fingernails are diggening into the laquer of the table & I feel like I’m trying to suppress a scream & something is trying to escape from the top right hand side of my skull & I can’t breathe in & the air is cold.  This is where Hyde really comes from; not a potion, a woman.

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