New Compilation & New QRD

So we have a new compilation on Silber.  It’s curated by long time Silber friend Michael Wood.  I met him playing a show at his record store/club The Lazy I back in the 1990s.  He let me sleep in his house that night even though he wasn’t staying there at the time.  Punk rock at its finest.  Over the years he’s made numerous appearances here at Silber as Mister Science, Michael Mercury of The Wet Teens, & an interview in QRD as well as helping to book for some Silber bands & allies.  So he asked me about helping him release a compilation of some of the acts he’s working with as a booking agent & with Remora & Electric Bird Noise in that list I really didn’t have a choice but to help him out!  Anyway, here it is Broken Hearts Broken Sounds as a free download for a limited time.

I also just put up a new issue of QRD.  This issue has guitarists (including Fred Frith), cartoonists, & Electric Bird Noise.  Doing my best to bring you stuff to read while you are at work.

Lately I’ve been thinking about starting to blog again.  In part to get me back of the level of discipline it takes to complete projects on a regular basis & that blogging holds me more in the limelight as far as whether or not I am a good stewart of my time & talents & in part to just kick the dust off some of my writing ability.  Will I actually do it?  Who knows.

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