Happy New Year from Silber


Welcome to 2015.  2014 was a pretty ambitious year for us at Silber.  25 releases, which I think is the most we’ve ever done in a year.  So what’s the plan for 2015?  Beat it.  If I can get my act together there will be around 16 releases in the first 4 months of 2015.  Digital re-issues of out of print releases from If Thousands, Rllrbll, & Electric Bird Noise.  Over a half dozen EPs in the 5in5 series.  Three compilations.  The Infant Cycle retrospective.  New releases from Chvad SB, Remora, Andrew Weathers, & Space Sweeper.  Probably more ready before all of that comes out.

20 years ago this month I was typing up & cutting & pasting together the first issue of QRD.  I probably only made 30 of them.  At the peak of popularity I think I printed up 700 copies, but a few years later the internet started to kill off zines & eventually I succumbed to being a webzine.  Anyway, I have about half of issue 70 done (so far mainly cartoonists), so hopefully that will come out next month.

I’ve gotten a few comic scripts out to artists to draw in the past week.  New issues of REH, Seabase17, Lost Kisses, & a new series called Ship should be out in the next couple of months & hopefully I’ll get the script for Walrus #4 finished as well as a script for another new series called Faun.

I started pushing people towards Spotify a few months ago to see if I could get streaming revenue to work for Silber.  Well, I got the answer.  I went from getting $3-$4 from Spotify a month to $20-$40 a month.  So I started making ten times as much, which is awesome, but it’s still not making up for the reduction of sales from just a few years ago.  Though I must say that I personally have had a lot of good feelings listening to the Silber catalog on random play.  There really has been a lot of good stuff we’ve put out over the years.  It only takes 90 hours to listen to the stuff we have on Spotify so far.

Last year I did a digital download bundle of all the releases of the previous year at a discount & it was a pretty big hit.  So I’m offering that again along with a special on our ten most popular albums of 2014.  The special will expire the end of January.

Just a reminder for those of you in need.  I do custom one-inch buttons & magnets.  Trying to get a few orders flowing to start 2015 in the black if you or any one you know needs some.

Thanks for your continued interest & support.

Brian John Mitchell

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